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New grooves from Guardog™. Available in a fruity scent ready to mix & match.  Choose SwirlZ™ #1 Universal Deluxe skateguards in Berry Blend. SwirlZ™ from Guardog™ - a wild expression of creativity.

  • You will receive one pair of hard plastic skate guards - essential equipment to protect your blades when walking off the ice. They come as four pieces, with springs and Phillips-head screws included for easy assembly.
  • Top Notch design is easier to cut to size. Assembled guards are 12.5 inches long end to end, and can be cut to any length down to 6 inches (detailed cutting instructions included). If your blades are longer than 10 or 11 inches, you will either have a larger gap between guard pieces or you can get a second pair and cut them to make 3-piece guards. Blades shorter than 6 inches will likely not work with these guards.
  • Springs make it easy to stretch the guards over your blades to put them on and take them off, and also hold the guards in place while you walk.


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